center for contemporary non-objective art

| solo exhibition

Albert Weis November 2000

*1969 in Passau (Germany)

Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)

Questioning the borders of public and private space, Weis confronts the inside and the outside realm on three levels: 1. the public and the private, 2. through the media conditioned fantasy and the individual/personal imagination, 3. the socially conditioned individual and what can be called the internal authenticity of life. In his interventions into socially used locations, Weis undermines all expectations towards art; he does not offer an argument but simply estranges. His strategy of estrangement does not add anything to the contents of perception, but simply activates the existing and given abundance. In his often experimental works Weis involves the viewer in a paradoxical social/architectural setting. Paradox here also means construction. The work does not only exist; it also has to happen. The artist searches for and selects places, which the visitor is familiar with, which he has experienced or even used previously. New visitors of Weis’ situations often have to take a double take of abstraction. Instinctively he prefers strategies in which his intervention of the recognition/consciousness of a place is restricted to a mimetic doubling of the pretext/pretense.

For his exhibition in the CCNOA project room in 2000, Weis conceived a series of new works on paper, entitled ’folders’.