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| solo exhibition

Alan Uglow 2006

*1941 in Luton (England)

Lives & works in New York City (USA)

Uglow’s rigorous abstractions, often cited as ‘minimalist’, are, in fact, deeply grounded in the world. Locations and situations - isolated and extracted from their original context, stripped to the bare bones and reduced to their constituent parts - find their way into the artist’s vibrant, sensuous, and subtle abstract compositions. In examining one of Uglow’s primary compositional elements, the monochrome bands surrounding a seemingly uninflected surface, the symbiosis between his formal concerns and one source of inspiration for his work - his lifelong fascination with the game of soccer itself, as well as the nature of its space - is revealed. Challenging and sharpening perceptual awareness, Uglow’s works are "... phenomenological and epistemological propositions. ...

(photo ccnoa)

Exposition avec
Alan Uglow
Composite Visions @ CAN centre d’art de Neuchâtel, 2010

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