center for contemporary non-objective art

2step 2002


Petra Bungert (D/B)


CCNOA, Brussels (B): 20/04/2002 - 16/06/2002

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (N): 12/05/2006 - 25/06/2006

UH Galleries, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield (UK): 21/09/2006 - 28/10/2006

The first version of ’2step’ was developed in 2001 by Petra Bungert (D/B) in co-operation with Robert Preece Projects (USA/NL) and subsequently realized in 2002 at CCNOA center for contemporary non-objective art, Brussels (B). It featured over 40 experimental audio and video works by 37 international artists who primarily work in other media, such as painting, sculpture, installation art, design and architecture. The revised and expanded version of ’2step’ at the Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (N) and the UH Galleries, University of Hertfordshire (UK) presents in addition to experimental audio and video works also works on paper, photographs, multiples and editions by some 47 artists from around the globe. As the artists often started their professional career in other disciplines or investigate other artistic media then the one they are primarily working in, ’2step’ frames these explorations - a "two-step" into another medium - highlighting visually and acoustically challenging works related to the individual artist’s practice while providing the viewer with a deeper insight into the artists’ process of work and their diverse resources of inspiration.

Featured artists include: Matilde Alessandra (I/B), John Armleder & Team 404 (A), John Beech (UK/USA) & Einar Westerlund (USA), Justin Bennett (UK/USA), Marcus Bering (D/B), Kjell Bjørgeengen (N) & Marc Ribot (USA), Maria Blondeel (B), Erika Blumenfeld (USA), Victoria Carolan (UK) & Guy de Bièvre (B), Julian Dashper (NZ), Alexandra Dementieva (RUS/B) , Rudolf de Crignis (CH/USA), Lieve D’Hondt (B), Robert Fosdick (USA), Zipora Fried (A/USA) & João Ribas (P/USA), Marco Fusinato & John Nixon (AUS), Robert Glaubit (USA), Wolfgang Glum & Heiko Mehnert (D), Daniel Göttin (CH), Amy Granat (USA), Henrik Hansen (DK/B), Lynne Harlow (USA), Yolande Harris (UK/NL), Kyle Jenkins (AUS), Steve Kaspar (L), Renée Levi (CH), Mathieu Mercier (F), Gerold Miller (D), Olivier Mosset (CH/USA) , Phill Niblock (USA), Helena Pargman (S/ARG/B), Kelly Parr (USA), Jacqueline Pennell (UK), Trevor Richards (AUS), Benjamin Rivière (F), Gerwald Rockenschaub (A/D), Leopoldine Roux (F/B), Kurt Ryslavy (A/B), Minoru Sato (JP), Andreas Karl Schulze (D), ststs (D), Tilman (D/B), Günter Tuzina (D), Alan Uglow (UK/USA), Jan van der Ploeg (NL), Emmanuelle Villard (F/B), Jan Maarten Voskuil (NL), Dan Walsh (USA), Jurek Wybraniec (AUS), Beat Zoderer (CH).

2step, Brussels

2step, Brussels

2step, Oslo